Custom Christmas Jumpers

August 02, 2019

Custom Christmas Jumpers are jumpers that are fully custom and knitted. 

Start by selecting a jumper colour for your christmas jumper-popular choices are red, blue, green and black but you can choose any colour at all. 

Next , think about a jumper pattern. Popular choices are snowflakes, argyle , christmas trees and snowmen . As they are custom, you are not confined to any patterns. You can include patterns if you like or opt for no pattern. A pattern simply relates to the look of the sweater-for example, many people opt for rows and rows of symbols repeated down the jumper and continued on to sleeves and the back for the custom christmas jumpers.

For the christmas patterns, any colour can be selected.

Next step is to think about your own artwork for the custom christmas jumpers. This can be anything from your company or brand logo, your name, a mascot, letters, a design and so on. There are so many things you can select here for the custom christmas jumpers. As they are custom christmas jumpers, most artwork includes something christmas related , even if that may be something like snowflakes. 

Even if you opt for a jumper pattern and artwork, you can still include text on the custom christmas jumpers. Don't forget that you aren't limited to a small space like you are with printed sweatshirts. The design can go anywhere on the front, back and sleeves so you have plenty of space to add lots of fun and festive cheer on the custom christmas jumpers.

When your custom jumper design is complete, think about what colours you want for the collars, cuffs and hem. They don't need to be the same as the main jumper colour.

Now that your design and creation is good to go, all that is left is to select sizes and quantity. General size charts are from XS-XXXL and the quantity can be as low as 100 jumpers and as many as you like.

Don't forget, these are knitted jumpers so they don't have a similar look and feel of knitted jumpers, they are a real knitted jumper-the real deal!

Every jumper is completely custom, made on state of the art knitted machines and finished by hand.

Custom christmas jumpers are available to order now from . You can submit your own design or ask us to make one! Even if we are creating the design for the custom christmas jumper, you can still upload your artwork, logos, mascots, pictures, font and so on. Have fun this Christmas season!

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