Custom Christmas Jumpers

July 12, 2019

What custom christmas jumpers are available?

The idea of custom christmas jumpers is just that-they are custom. Unlike printed sweatshirts, the jumper itself has not been premade so the actual jumper is made from scratch which makes it truly custom. Therefore if you wanted a v neck custom christmas jumper roll neck custom christmas jumper, polo shirt custom christmas jumper, custom christmas jumper and so on, that's no problem. 

The type of jumper for custom  christmas jumpers we recommend however is the crew neck jumper. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. A crew neck jumper looks great on both men and women

2. A crew neck jumper allows for a large area to be designed making it a truly wonderful custom christmas jumper. You don't have to divide the design like you would with a v neck custom christmas jumper or a custom christmas cardigan. You can focus on using the entire front and back of the jumper  on a design. 

3. A crew neck jumper is great is gifting your custom christmas jumpers as you don't need to know exact sizes as they still look great on even if too big.

Material for custom christmas jumpers.

As with all jumpers, material is important. Nobody wants to wear a jumper that is truly uncomfortable. When making custom christmas jumpers, you want it to be worn by the person you are gifting it to or selling it to especially as it represents your brand. Therefore choosing the correct material is super important! Some people tend to believe that wool is the best option for the custom christmas jumpers but this is not correct. With wool, the designs are more limited and not everyone can wear wool. The material we recommend here is acrylic as this works best for custom christmas jumpers - the one we use is a premium blend so it is not itchy, it is super soft and comfortable and the colors and designs look fantastic. It is is definitely the material that should be chosen for the ugly custom jumpers. Using a material like polyester will have a very cheap feel and will not be a good option for your branded custom  christmas jumpers. 

Thickness of custom christmas jumpers

We have always used premium blends and materials for our jumpers and work with different knitting processes and machines depending on the designs required. However it is not only material that can cheapen the feel and quality of a jumper-it can actually be the knitting process. Some acrylic jumpers can also be very thin if not knitted correct using the correct method. If the jumper is too thin, it really cheapens it. You should always look for thick and comfortable custom christmas jumpers. 


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Custom Christmas Jumpers