Reshaping An Industry

The cosmetic industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry and the man who led the way was Max Factor. Cosmetic products existed before Max Factor but by creating the phrase “make-up” and inventing a line of products to match, he changed the way people perceived it at a time when women were fired for wearing makeup and men believed only prostitutes wore it.

Max Factor was well known for being a “problem solver” in the movie industry and created make-up that would work on screen for motion pictures. Some of his creations included waterproof makeup for underwater scenes, prescription proof body make-up and then “cinematic sweat” to give the illusion of sweat. He made the actors look more attractive when movies began to use close up scenes and enhanced their beauty by creating shades and new formulas to match their hair, eyes and complexion. His signature looks included Ava Gardner and Jean Harlow. Max wanted every woman to be able to achieve the same results and sold eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow to the public, the first time such products were available outside of the movie industry. The Academy awarded Max Factor with an Oscar for the makeup products and techniques he created for the movie industry at a time when make-up wasn’t even a category.

While Max was a problem solver in the movie industry, he was also a visionary and created the eyebrow pencil, lip gloss and concealer. In order to make makeup more socially acceptable, he urged women to apply it naturally. To expand the brand globally, with the help of Sales Builders, Max began a marketing campaign and paid actresses a dollar to appear on posters. He began with drug stores as that was where women bought cosmetics and Max went to the stores, departments stores and beaches to demonstrate how women should use the makeup. His techniques are still used today and women still use the brand when trying to create the “movie star” look #cosmetics #makeup #maxfactor #beauty #entrepreneur