First YouTube Channel To Hit 10 Billion Views

First YouTube Channel To Hit 10 Billion Views

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is the first YouTuber to have surpassed 10 billion views on his YouTube channel cementing his place in history. His success has been described in the past as “baffling” but one thing is certain. PewDiePie’s success is not down to luck.

PewDiePie’s idea of making YouTube videos was nothing original, there were people doing it when he launched his channel in 2010. What was unique though was the area he chose to focus on-video games. PewDiePie wasn’t sure how he could make money out of it, the only thing he knew for certain was that he liked playing games and liked making videos. What set him apart from others was that he approached YouTube like a true entrepreneur. There were certain things he implemented from the beginning that helped achieve his huge level of success. PewDiePie dropped out of college to focus on making videos on YouTube (focused solely on YouTube) and worked at a hot dog stand to support himself. Instead of just focusing on gaming, he carved out a niche,horror, and the early games he played were horror titles. He monitored fan reaction and noticed he got more subscribers when his reactions were more exaggerated so became even more energetic in his videos. By engaging with the followers, he built a tight community which became known as “bros army” and he referred to them as “bros”. PewDiePie appreciated each and every subscriber and thanked them all when he reached his first 100 subscribers. His approach to YouTube was consistent. He posted almost daily and started and ended the videos the same way. That consistency was also evident in the games he played. PewDiePie turned down many endorsement deals so he could play games he actually wanted to play and genuinely liked. That authenticity led to his followers remaining loyal.

His channel, which now has over 40 million subscribers and 10 billion views, became the most subscribed user on YouTube in 2013. He later signed to Disney owned Maker Studios and is set to launch a new network, Revelmode #pewdiepie #entrepreneur #gaming #