$1 Million In Sales in 28 Days

When thinking of the type of products that would be an instant success for online start-ups, mattresses wouldn’t be one of them. They are something we all have but something we tend to go to stores to test and try out and not something that creates much excitement when buying. Casper managed to do that and in the process made $1 million in sales in 28 days. So how did they make buying a mattress fun?

Casper kept things simple. They focused on one product only and when they launched that one product was available in six sizes and one price per size. They removed the potential of confusion when offering too much choice. They made the actual decision of purchasing even easier by offering a 100 night sleep satisfaction guarantee. The mattress can be returned after 100 days if not happy. On top of that delivery was not only free but unique. As the website was direct to customer sales, Casper factored in an all in price and used cargo bikes to deliver the mattress to places in New York. That’s not quite as crazy as it sounds. Their clever packaging meant it was actually pretty easy. The mattress is delivered in a box and when opened expands. The effective packaging also makes it easy to have a mattress delivered anywhere, even if you’re on the top floor and can be moved around the house. Once Casper mastered making the mattress easy to buy and easy to deliver, they wanted to create some customer experience too, something a mattress company never did before. Casper encouraged those who bought a mattress to “unbox” it on social media and share their experiences. In the box with the mattress, they include an easy to use cutter to open the packaging, a hand written thank you note and a bedtime book. An example of the things they do for their customers can be seen in their actions in their first month. They sold out of inventory within the first week so while others were waiting for their mattresses to be made, they sent them air mattresses they bought from Amazon to use while they waited. They attribute a lot of their success to luck and word of mouth. Customers were vocal about their purchases from the beginning which led to referrals and sales and the brand is now a $100 million company, two years after their launch #casper #brand #entrepreneur