Custom Christmas Jumpers

Custom Christmas Jumpers 2019

We make Custom Christmas Jumpers.  It's all we do.  Nothing else.  Not printed Christmas sweatshirts.  Not tacky Christmas t-shirts.  Custom Christmas jumpers, that's it.  

Roody Originals custom Christmas jumpers are knitted from scratch to order. This allows you to completely unlock the originality of your brand.  We can use whatever colours you like and you can have whatever pattern you want all over the christmas jumper.

Image of Ugly SweaterAnchor Sweater Inside Out

The knitting process is highly complex and there are so many little details involved it can be very frustrating.  Factories are difficult to find and usually have minimum order quantities of 500 units per size.  The quality tends to be poor and they're always (always!) late.  Usually, in reality it's about a 3-6 month lead time.

Roody Originals have been making custom Christmas jumpers since 2009. We're brilliant at it.  We've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Warner Brothers, Budweiser, Nandos and Nickelodeon.  We also make Christmas Jumpers for lots of smaller brands. Our lead times are as low as 30 days.

Our custom christmas jumpers are made from a very soft (non-itchy) acrylic premium blend.  We make them from scratch using your design in the colours you specify.  We've developed reliable processes in our factories which means that our minimum order quantity is just 100 and we look after everything, including shipping.

We don't offer cheap jumpers or terrible sweatshirts, we think they look terrible and don't reflect the quality of the brands we work with.  We only offer great quality knits that you'll be proud to give as gifts to employees, influencers, clients etc..  There are price breaks for different volumes and packages.

Knitting Techniques

When it comes to knitted Christmas jumpers, there are different styles of knitting techniques that can be used. As we have made jumpers from simple to detailed to intricate designs, we know exactly what technique will work for your jumper. We'll choose the best machine, the best needles and the best yarn that will work for your particular design.

The Production Process

1. The Design

Pick a design for your jumper! The design can include your logo or characters/mascot or a design that works with a campaign your brand is running. It's important to ensure the design you submit is the final one. Any changes to your design after the sample swatch is made will mean there are delays in the production and cost implications. We also need to know what colours you would like to use for the design.

You can have a design on the front or the back or both. Your design can even be on the sleeves too!

2. Size Breakdown

When you submit the design, we also need the size breakdown. We need to know the sizes before the sample swatch begins so that the machine is ready to proceed with bulk straight after the swatch has been made.

3. Sample Swatch

We begin production by making the sample swatch. This is important as we can determine what machine/technique to use and how your design will look as knitwear. If you have a change of mind and want a new design, this will mean a new sample swatch is needed which will cause a delay to your order. That's why a final decision is needed on the design before the swatch is made. After the sample swatch is made, we will send you an image of it.

4. Bulk Production

After the sample swatch we begin bulk production of the Christmas jumpers.

5. Packaging

Each jumper will be individually packaged in polybags to make it easier for you to give the sweaters to employees/clients/fans etc

6. Delivery

When the custom christmas jumpers are all packed, they will be delivered to your chosen address. Normally they are packaged in boxes of 25 jumpers per box.